Japan’s negative energy marketing UCC coffee actually poisoned the chicken soup


@ Japanese pop daily report

so, Japanese coffee brand UCC

simply held a submission activities,

invites people to release their negative energy.

promote positive energy brand see more,

sometimes is not a subtly malicious, feel good



if you feel yourself

was tired as a dog all day

you’re a big mistake,

dogs are not as tired as you are


The ancients said

not to yield

really is too right

as long as a bucket on the knees Thanksgiving


no one can make you give up your dream

you think you’ll give up


whenever you make up your mind to save money

will be someone around you to yourself a little better


everything goes well and I feel really

is in trouble with Mercury retrograde


angry when

don’t be overwhelmed by anger at your sanity

remember to count from 1 to 10

think about

and so on to kick with a fist or better


the fool of the world

is not necessarily a bad head

but must be smart


some people obviously don’t live well

also likes to give advice to others


a lot of people will say what kind of person they want to be

is going to do what

I’ve always wanted to be rich

learn how rich people live in the years

results become poorer


if everyone

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