A new way to free space

today, free space is less and less, it is too little, this is not a server less, more and more people just have to provide free space sponsorship less, there are many people hosting servers available, not so much space, but not for others, because now more and to monitor the Internet more strict, if there are illegal information, light warning, or move the server will have a record, a thankless task of things, who will do it,


is free space is so out of the market? Is the primary webmaster who need money to buy space and space is doomed no space? Didn’t show their platform? In fact, as long as there is a double surplus pattern, as long as can help to server friends, also can let the server idle friends earn as for the money, not money, I believe that many people are willing to offer the idle server server, only in this way, in order to provide free space for


free space, can last forever, we must first solve the problem of monitoring the content of the website, as we all know, once the site has illegal information content, the network will come to light, warning, or will move the server, unless there is a relationship, or give away the server will never get it back. To solve this problem, before the establishment of the site, it must be signed with the relevant user space cooperation agreement, in addition to the need to have someone to supervise these sites, only in this way, the server can be assured.

second, is the cost problem, that is the problem of profit model, space free for owners to use, what to rely on to make money? Where does the money come from? Money from advertising alliance to contact with the advertising alliance, signed a cooperation agreement with them, put their ads to make money through advertising. Therefore, the space is not absolutely free of charge, or through advertising in exchange, the reason is free, that is, do not have to spend a penny to buy space.

to engage in free space, there has to be a team, no team, which will believe you? A server friend can’t make Taiwan service for your use, in addition, no team, advertising companies will not cooperate with you, then this team must

what people?

one of the team members: technician two, responsible for server security and other maintenance

two of the team members: customer service 1~2, responsible for the server to discuss cooperation, website promotion, space applications, such as audit log

three of the team members: site supervision staff of three

this is my initial ideas, as may be feasible, I did not go on, but I believe that this idea is right, if you have to engage in free space, friends can talk with me, we discuss.

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