Easy to pick up cheap free bid micro business was 10 million A round of financing

micro price mall banner free bid banner to start the platform, and in April 27th was $10 million A round of financing. But the "price" behind the price but hidden mystery.

million dollar financing

yesterday announced the acquisition of millions of dollars A round of financing offer free business platform micro mall price before the current round of financing by Morningside venture capital investment led, a number of well-known investors with investment. Micro mall was established in May 2014, the second round of millions of angel round investment. It is understood that after this round of financing, micro mall will continue to layout mobile terminal products, and gradually complete the business closed loop.

and the traditional electricity supplier is different, the price of the commodity in addition to the official price of the mall, but also set up 10 percent off -6 fold of the four options, as long as there are enough friends, the top price, you can enjoy the discount discount. Beijing Daily reporter observed that the price of the micro mall website name prominently on the front page of the mobile phone client advertising, there is iPhone 6, iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro3 as the most popular electronic products, watches, luggage, bedding and other goods.

is not easy to pick up cheap

iPhone 6 in the product map is clearly marked lower than Jingdong 400 yuan, but does not provide discount purchase. The same is true of other Apple brand products, the price is lower than Jingdong 200-400 yuan.

however, the price of other products is higher than the market price. Microsoft Surface Pro3 claimed to be 1860 yuan lower than Jingdong, the actual price and the same Jingdong, compared to Tmall, Amazon and other electricity providers are still much higher than china.

micro price hit the mall "free bid price" is also hidden mystery. In addition to the apple brand products, get a discount of more than hundred goods can be through friends "top price" means the top price, according to the rules, if each friend can get 0-10 yuan subsidy, when the top price to the official price according to their bid to buy, can also purchase price. Select the 10 percent off option, the average price of each friend of the top price of $6, the average price of only 3 yuan on the choice of only $40 percent off, down below 1 yuan to $40 percent off. If you want to get the goods free of charge, you need to have the same price as the official price of the top friends. With Microsoft Surface Pro3 as an example, if you want to get a discount of 40 percent off, at least 892 friends need help, low operability.

in fact, most of the official price hit 10 percent off after the other business platform price, to Ferrero Rocher chocolate as an example, 48 capsules of the official price of 388 yuan, the price of micro mall price is 129 yuan, the price is 117 yuan 10 percent off. But the same commodity Jingdong only 115 yuan. Choose 10 percent off is tantamount to free for the micro price mall pulled the two members.

concept difficult to continue

price mystery, micro mall price there have been violations of consumer rights. Micro mall price in January was traced to unilaterally cancel the order, involving more than 170 people nationwide. Hundreds of consumers reflect

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