Watercress interest in marketing of the road patience before Ming


interest marketing. In the whole social media development has now shown All flowers bloom together. situation, for different users, different usage scenarios, even adapt to various devices with a variety of social media in the environment in the growth, based on a social media that the community is also a the giant social business. Network in the growth of technology in growth, as well as our users their IQ, their ability to distinguish are slowly growing, now more and more social media the traditional forms of advertising based on Internet has been excluded.


so, what is the social media marketing in the end how can we do with what kind of new way? Watercress has been a point of interest as a combination of this social platform. In this platform, we found a lot of customers, users of such a number of attributes, their preferences are what. Based on such a concept we have in doing such thinking is not our advertising can do let users feel interesting, can make them willing to accept, even willing to say to enter into our advertising links in become a part of advertising, this is the watercress watercress interest in marketing. Marketing is the earliest intention, we hope that the bean marketing becomes more capable of allowing users to trust each other, very friendly, very happy, I entered the advertising links also very happy.

platform features shaping interest ecosystem

based on the above considerations we have made some attempts, the following are some of our attempts. First of all, is to the advertisement printed on the watercress mark, let the ads become interesting, lovely, and affinity, at this point I have to say that I made this advertising the Internet ten years, many customers love to his advertising uniform template, or is unified to visual presentation it is the advantages of this approach, I can put the spread to all people, but it is one of the biggest problems is that different regions, different races, different countries have different cultural backgrounds, there are different aesthetic and inclination, their equal with the same advertising to achieve it, it feels like the Spring Festival now, right now, the Spring Festival evening all the directors are complaining about the weight of a hard to tune, and has become more and more difficult, as long as I do not like the Spring Festival Gala, but also a lot of people do not like, advertising is the same.

in our Internet advertising environment is also suitable for this reason, according to the different users of this platform to consider a platform they love to see what kind of things, just for the needs of the users for the design, this is the real advertising should do, how to do can.

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