Twenty first Century network of things short chain is easy to cross the line of ethics and even the

original title: pull a couple of twenty-first Century net, do not really

introduction: twenty-first Century net thing, the chain is short, it is easy to cross the line of ethics, morality and even the law.


casually pull two, don’t take it seriously.

the first thing to pull is credibility.

credibility, expand, is to make the public believe. It’s a matter of fact, not of value. Do not listen to the credibility of a sense of justice is not, no matter. Literally, the credibility is to believe, did not say let you agree.

I have always believed that the Chinese media, especially the central media, credibility is very strong. Credibility is not their short board, on the contrary, is long board. I am old and people joked, let a big V that the Shanghai earthquake with a magnitude of 7, but I am afraid we pass the raise a Babel of criticism of the why why. If a "Liberation Daily tomorrow 7 Shanghai earthquake, estimated that at least half empty city.

The various media (including

media), and scattered a lot of people’s attention, but also to control the communication channels, but to say "let the public believe", the official central media is very niubi. Admittedly, not 100%. Not all events have this credibility, but for the most part, for most people, the.

Xinhua News Agency issued a message on the network in twenty-first Century, saying that it is necessary to revoke the qualification, severance, cancellation of the company. The three penalties great, caused a burst of a great disturbance. I occupy the circle of a people for this punishment is a group of not to regard it as right, cursed, have made a circle of friends criticism, a micro-blog Lenovo to Zhou Yongkang and the political and legal committee, I have seen the man immediately wrote a public number, called "twenty-first Century should be at the end of the survey according to the non front".

indeed, after the twenty-first Century network accident, currently seen, are individuals suspected of crime, on the net in twenty-first Century this legal entity, has not seen on the illegal business crime, the alleged reports. Therefore, in the case of the crime of illegal business has not been settled, the revocation, severance, cancellation, is contrary to the procedures. Be justified.

, however, all the criticism and shouting, are built on a basis of revocation, severance and cancellation has occurred, or I bluntly said: we all think the Xinhua news agency released the information without a doubt. Well, you can’t agree, but you do.

I believe it, too. A college professor Jones also included here that I know and respect, a successful businessman and a I admire. They are all educated, you can not use a word "literacy needs to be improved" to deal with. This kind of people’s literacy has yet to be improved, I am afraid that the social quality of the public to improve on what part of the utopia.

I said in my circle of friends, I simply point of view, some people think that this is the right to speak media

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