2015 venture capital investment manager occupation of chaos will occur is not in the future

worries that in the winter capital of 2015 in 2016, China investment market remains strong, according to the statistical data of the investment in the group released in March 3rd showed that in February 2016 China’s VC/PE investment market disclosure case for a total of 129, a total investment of $4 billion 137 million. But in the Showtime Shangrong behind, from 2015 O2O closures, China venture investment and financing problems will fade.

early in October last year the "international finance" had reported the chaos of venture capital. Jingwei Chinese founder Zhang Ying is in an open letter to point out the venture capital industry, restlessness and bubble, in addition to a large number of small and medium-sized investment managers from the loss of investment institutions. In addition to the venture capital investors Tucao puffiness, countless entrepreneurs cry piteously for food are faced with the dilemma on the verge of collapse, no rice pot. This new method of venture capital circles some self revolutionary theory came out, such as fees to investment institutions and investors, occupation tendency appears, whether these changes bring new evolution from the internal to China venture capital, it seems that no one can answer.

venture deep prisoner dilemma

March 5th, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report again referred to the public entrepreneurship, we can foresee the future from the official support will continue. According to statistics, as of October 2015, China’s Vc firm has reached more than 10000, coupled with a large number of small and medium fund companies, investment companies may have tens of thousands. But on the other hand, the new army to join the entrepreneurial force also showed an exponential rise in the government work report has a set of data, China’s 2015 new registered enterprises increased by an annual average of 21.6%, an average of more than 12 thousand new.

such a large base of new enterprises, coupled with the fiery investment institutions, making China’s venture capital financing at both ends presents a serious information asymmetry. 2015 has several investors to see thousands of monthly Tucao BP (business plan), according to latitude China official statistics show that in 2014 alone Jingwei received more than 20 thousand copies of BP, the interview had 6700 teams, but the final investment 90 new companies. These sources of BP is very complex, including personal email, FA recommendation, friends, incubator, venture roadshow / media influence soliciting, investors in the screening project have been far better than mental labor.

in the BP information bombing, venture capital financing both sides into a prisoner’s dilemma, there is a huge noise wall between VC and the project. This makes China venture capital circles looking for projects become very primitive, some traditional investors, such as Lei Jun, the morning of the day have not know Liu investment principle. When the explosion of information authenticity, choose the most time-saving investment is a good way of acquaintance has no way. Therefore, connections become the investment agency projects to find the best weapon, which led to many who appear in the incubator and venture roadshow entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs can obtain the favor of investors, has become the investment institution of potential project development obstacles.

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