The second hand car third party inspection car won the 32 million yuan A round of financing Bole

recently, the car detection platform used car third horses completed 32 million yuan A round of financing, the current round of investment by sonhwa capital lead investor, including angel investors Wang Lijie, the last round of investors also have to vote, this is home to get A round of investment in the field of second-hand car third party inspection company first, the sum of money will be used to expand the testing business, is expected within a year will cover all the major city.

in the domestic consumers to buy second-hand car, the biggest pain point is still the condition of quality opaque, which inhibits consumer demand to a great extent, rely solely on the seller credit system construction and the gradual type takes a long time.

car Bole was founded in 2014 December, is a provider of mobile on-site detection of third party testing platform, not involved in the transaction, it can provide a closed car closed car detection and vehicle detection for B certification for sale end businesses, can also provide consumers with pre purchase testing in Car Buying before, and the conventional vehicle safety test fault detection, investigation. The car of horses CEO Li Mingming told the 36 krypton, car Bole current business mainly for the C client. Bole car launched in March this year, submitted during the trial operation in April China Automobile Dealers Association’s "certification" application for certification audit by August, is currently in the process of standard crown.

so, the value and difficulty of independent third party testing is mainly reflected in where?

first, second-hand car a car, the vehicle test results can directly reflect the value of the use of goods. The car Bole co-founder Ge Bingnan said on various segments of condition data detection service penetration to the second-hand car industry, it is the premise of transaction, and after trading effective wind quality assurance, consumer financial services and control means.

secondly, the core of the used car detection is the training and experience of the transmission line inspection engineer. This requires a standardized approach to the application of engineers in the long-term operation of the accumulation of experience. Before the car was in high Yukuan Bole technical director of Alibaba for many years, the software engineering practice experience, he said, if you rely on manpower to cultivate the test engineer, to be familiar with the structure on the market the same hundreds of models of high cost. So the car is used in horses by analytical and comparative condition data, reduce dependence on staff experience.

but at the same time, the car will refer to a complete set of Bole system in the formulation of standards, car detection standards Bole manufacturing quality standards based on the new host plant, it also referred to the domestic electricity supplier auction rapid detection, and General Motors (North America) PDI testing standards, General Motors (North America) second-hand car detection standard, Benz the second-hand car detection standard, German motor vehicle inspection association DEKRA second-hand car testing standard.

The car had

Bole obtained in March 2015 the famous investor Wang Lijie Lei Li millions of angel investment capital. A >

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