How to write a customer understanding of soft Wen

first talk about what is the soft Wen marketing, marketing commissioner can be ignored directly down kazakhstan.

what is the meaning of soft Wen is a marketing, advertising terms.

soft soft, is relatively hard on advertising. So those marketers, advertisers, are generally said to be hard wide, soft wide such terminology.

is usually the so-called soft wen you see "XXX", "with a monthly income of one hundred thousand to join the micro powder for taking XXX micro marketing training to teach you with a thousand," and "not to eat XXX husband below let me don’t want". However, do not think that only low-level products to write this soft. No matter the size of your brand promotion, when they cannot do without soft, no matter which website to see, such as the bus station, the station where the real estate articles are mostly selling cars, selling a car, buy a house so soft, the boys don’t take it seriously.

The relative advantages of

soft hard wide, soft paper can be long-term retention in the online search and search engine results, after a few years can find you through the soft, the cost is very low, the loose soft release price is lower, and the other is not to say.


A: soft to clear marketing strategy. Customers know your brand, but you do not know what are the advantages of the customer after reading the heart, give you the phone, if you talk about in soft on your brand how awesome, customer after reading or what all don’t understand, what are the advantages of your product. Your article has become useless soft. Product brand will experience the primary period, growth period, maturity, you want to appeal to the product concept, product force, brand and service, according to the current state of the product brand to adjust the content of soft text.

two: depth product brand. Popular writing, so that the reader can understand our product brand where cattle, what good for him. He read the rich details, for your "brand" is all-round, multi-level understanding, subconsciously think you good, like you say the product is not good, the subconscious will let others think this product is not good, then contact you to stay for you, rather than don’t get home. But I believe that most people do not personally write text, will go to write soft paper to write, so the question is, if there is no writer too deep understanding of your brand, to write the article, most would be more blunt, the theory can not reflect the product brand characteristics, advantages and benefits you. You can find loose soft, they write soft Wen will let you provide detailed writing, brand information, let you "understand" writers product brand.

three: write it like a piece of news. The soft text into the news, this argument has long been raised, but really few. For example, if you do in a soft sea real estate, then your choice is the title of "world ten" bay area selection, don’t feel shy, you give the broken beach, Beverly Hills, with the long.

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