Outlook 2014 network marketing how to choose small and medium enterprises

2014 has been close at hand, network marketing for small and medium enterprises, is a blessing and a curse, a double-edged sword is a good use of their own advantages, the use of bad may have a lot of negative marketing. For example: those who do not have the bottom line of the hype, although you can quickly enhance the visibility of the enterprise, but once the user is exposed, it will allow the majority of users to produce a sense of disgust. The majority of SMEs into network marketing, often blindly follow the trend and phenomenon, 2014 WeChat marketing fire, so a lot of enterprises choose WeChat marketing. But in fact does not take into account their product is suitable, in my opinion the author WeChat marketing more suitable for some special industries, especially local business enterprise. Think about what your friends are doing around WeChat, why they use WeChat.

first point: marketing and product integration can be

different types of products, or different industries, in the choice of marketing methods, the ability to take into account the issue of local dating sites, for example, the choice of WeChat marketing is more appropriate. Many WeChat users shake function of friends, if able to launch the website users to use WeChat to make friends, or make a WeChat bottle activity, believe it will get many website registered user support. And such a WeChat dating activities may be cheaper than other ways to promote the cost of WeChat is a private dating tool, which happens to have a good point with dating sites. But if it is replaced by the sale of building materials enterprises, the use of WeChat marketing will encounter bottlenecks, the most important thing is that users can not accept, the average user will not consult the price of building materials on WeChat. First, it is not easy to believe that WeChat’s friends, and then do not like to talk about the work in the rest of the time, and finally the user has been accustomed to face to face such business. Of course, we do WeChat marketing will encounter similar problems.

second points: the core of network marketing is marketing thinking

, user interaction, selling point, the author thinks any network marketing are ultimately the three points, in a certain user base, continue to enhance the interaction between enterprises and customers, to enhance their brand image, and then find their products selling point. I believe this will continue, the network marketing will certainly have a good effect, such as: a sales sprinkler business, there are a lot of peers in the local, so the competition is naturally larger. How can we highlight the characteristics of their products the same sprinkler, the quality and price of the products are almost the same, the user will pay more attention to after-sales service. Such vehicles require regular maintenance, if the enterprise can do more perfect after-sales service, I believe the user will naturally choose your products. At this time the service is the biggest selling point of the product, and timely communication with the user needs to have a professional customer service staff and platform, and now the official micro-blog and WeChat are very convenient communication platform.

third points: network marketing is not God, the product is the focus of

now network marketing blow last year is miraculous, stir micro-blog marketing, this year.

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