There are a lot of network promotion commonly used to have a few

said that there are more than 100 kinds of ways to promote the network, on the Baidu random search is a point of view. So we in the optimization of the web site specific can use what? Today I wish and Dennis discuss together to see.

first entered the site to promote the industry, the first to come into contact with is website promotion method, brand promotion, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion and so on, but the specific time to work only to find, in fact we do not have so much time to every method are applied to the. Moreover, the author thinks that Dennis wide and scattered as small and fine, and aimless wide net effect as key for fishing. The author Dennis to talk about their work in common to the website promotion way.

first, blog promotion

we know that the blog to promote the operation of the site is the same as the operation, in order to obtain the success of the blog from the previous "good" blog. Here comes the question, how to keep a good blog? Can not be blindly full of advertising articles published in it, so that not only will not visit the blog itself to lower the quality. Want to get the advantage of the latter from the promotion of the blog, the early management.

to know that the operation of the blog is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of giants, the quality of the blog to promote the benefits of the site is difficult to measure. So, in the work of the author Dennis attention for blog and enterprise website itself is the same.

second, soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion here has narrowed in Dennis, mainly to the original articles for submission in high quality website designated on. This brought the number of links to reprint rate enough to support a new enterprises, and so the chain compared to the aimless hair of the chain, much more stable, there is no need to worry about collapse of the chain suddenly floating phenomenon caused by the.

but here in the selection of the platform to pay attention to the platform, not any platform has this effect, it is recommended to select the site based on the optimization of the platform relative to the platform. General Dennis is based on keyword extraction on reprint rate higher platform website from the "Baidu news" in the manuscript.

third, the chain promotion

outside the chain to promote the promotion of the soft and some repeat, the difference is in the choice of platform. Soft Wen to choose high-quality news source open web site, outside the chain to promote the selection of the website platform is relatively loose. Is included in the selection of fast platform, but also in the audit is relatively fast, and the link to delete a relatively long period of the site to make the chain, such a link is relatively high turnout.

fourth, Q & a promotion

Q & a promotion is one of the most popular way to promote the network in popular, especially after the opening of the Q & a plate, many people will be placed in the network to answer the problem. For the angle of the plate is to change the access rate is the highest. This is the potential user groups for the site also has a very large number of. But now Q & A

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