How to help the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai statistics

fell in love with the sea, the amount included in the query:


love Shanghai heat map is what? Love Shanghai thermal map, to show visitors the page click on the distribution of color change, intuitive and easy to help managers understand website visitors, website optimization. It is not.

2, how to divide, with hundreds of factors outside the chain, website content, time, bounce rate, return rate, code quality, PV and so on.

loves Shanghai how to obtain these data, the answer is the webmaster tools. Including statistics, love Shanghai love Shanghai share, love Shanghai station etc.. Love and love to share in Shanghai Shanghai station is still in the testing phase, so the main channel is to get more information and statistics in Shanghai love.

love the sea included the amount of query is love Shanghai statistics in 3 one of the most important functions of the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai’s blog the principle of search engine is explained: the spider to selectively capture all the website information stored in the database, for users to retrieve. Which included the amount of index after the crawl information is the site of the site. So, the conclusion is: the more the amount included in a website, the search engine to the web traffic will be more. It gives us the most important function is to:


+ thermodynamic diagram

1, Shanghai is the love will be all kinds of websites by type is divided into various grades and ranks, and give different weights;


two, click on the link graph


love Shanghai internal attitude to Shanghai dragon, already by "plugging" into "shu". We have said in the "love of Shanghai" ranked factor analysis:

love Shanghai statistics is a risky thing, it can make your website exposed in front of Shanghai love. Cheating and excessive Shanghai Longfeng way can’t hide in love in front of the Shanghai statistics. If you operate in a regular site, then we recommend that you use the love of Shanghai and don’t use statistics. So, for the use of statistics love Shanghai webmaster, love Shanghai statistics is good, how to help us to operate the Shanghai dragon

1, compared to estimate the site command value, love is to love Shanghai statistics provide accurate values of sea included amount of

3, understand the search engine update time, make the optimization more targeted.

love Shanghai statistics in the years after the updated third edition. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, third edition and second edition of contrast, the revolutionary function changes a little update. After the love Shanghai statistics update again in February 29th, launched the "included the amount of daily updates". With love in Shanghai in mid February the artificial interference "Shanghai dragon" is a word of the search results, we speculate that:

2, you can clearly see the changes of the amount collected, improve Shanghai Longfeng strategy;

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