Website content updates quickly improve website weight double realm

website content update is one of the important work of network maintenance, and the chain, many websites in the news source or other channels in the process of propaganda, propaganda on the site are generally high quality articles, and on their website content updates to Jane Jane, this reason is the traditional optimization in Shanghai dragon on the website, soft update request is not high, the original can, on the other hand to make a quality standard of who has the original article, takes a lot of time and effort, but to improve the original website weight plays important role, then, how effective do website update this work?


do website content updates, you have to make it clear what is a website content update? Is to search engines, or to the user. Pseudo original once when Shanghai Longfeng hot, had become one of the hot topics of the research station, there are even a lot of similar software, but recently, few people mentioned pseudo original, opinion, after the actual test, this is purely to deceive the search engine spiders catch the content of the websites to improve website weight, should be the effect is not very obvious. So, so it also shows that the website content updates or to the user, and the site in the update process must come up with a certain amount of content to attract users, it is essential to

what is the content of the website? Broadly speaking, the content is available for all users to make full use of things all text, pictures of a website contains all things: to provide users and on this website. Broadly speaking, is the site updated news, industry knowledge, the content of the website that I updated, mainly refers to the latter.

so, what is the content of the website to update higher realm? A lot of people will say, of course, is the original content and high quality pseudo original relative. The answer is right, but it is not completely right, should be accurate to say to provide quality content. Whether the industry website or product website, are in need of such content, can be touched by the user, and like Shanghai encyclopedia that "experts" say, convincing.

said this is not to deny the pseudo original, personally, for the website, considering the site operation cost, time and energy, while the pseudo original is a mistake, because the pseudo original do good, indexed by search engines, or have a certain effect on improving the weights of the website, however. If blindly use pseudo original content that poor drainage, make the site into a vicious spiral, the flow to the left again soon, so if the update is divided into two level if the website content, pseudo original belongs to the superficial realm.

high quality content, is not the original, can be found in some industry site, change the title, write the source, I want to look for good quality content than their own brood want easier! Maybe a high quality article to write, but always can see! Of course, also you can take this way, some excellent content like the same combination of assorted cold dishes.

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