The most stable black hat technology in Shanghai Dragon

and here again I affirm what person not in this kind of industry cooperation, don’t ask me why, you don’t think you run abroad to do in this industry, I will help you optimize, I put a head to do this thing, and not much money, then I do a scapegoat! Is a condemnation of conscience, well, not to say these useless, we have some dry cargo

, 2 for Shanghai site LOGO application by love.




why keep for 3 months. In fact, half of the cases have 2 months is enough, but because the station, so many stations Gubuguolai, time may slow down, if the boss is human, can recruit a few people to do. The other is a web standard problem, this is definitely not check the weight to use webmaster tools as a standard, a brush index has weight, the weight of what I do not represent the nature, assessment standard


4, the chain growth

! Some netizens said

wants to get out of 30 this website is based, step by step, select the program you can dream, the use of pure static pages, do an ordinary enterprise website, home to the list, but the best home >

3, with normal sea index rose, the day included about 40% sites.

is not a station can also, unless you can be black to other sites, but for now, the black people’s website didn’t what to use, within 2 days, others find, delete your content, black no value


prepared to do 30 sites to keep for 3 months, and 30 sites are required to use the old domain name, because when a station, the old domain name advantage. In fact, do not need 30 website, a website, but the black hat technology well, there will be more or less at risk, so the first hung on the second, second hang third, if done properly, the 30 basic site backup. The premise is must maintain a good 30 site kept in the hands of


last week, my blog is black, but it’s not so, I just set up a column in the black hat Shanghai Longfeng test, because some time ago some keywords black hat keywords are harmonious, so I test the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology have proved the value. Just, harmonious keywords, methods and value.


1, site website site information, when a website is just established, site is not a personal site information, site information, which is one of the most basic standard.

these four simple data conform to the standards after the basic is not a problem, the best is the site of some keywords ranking, more or less able to bring home some traffic, love Shanghai weight 1 can be, so how to keep the clock

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