f you modify the site title

2, modify the site title should also note that the increase or decrease of keyword density, why? The reason is very simple, the increase or decrease of the title words, density change, and even some words have no density (such as adding words), so that the search engines that you change the title after more easily identify you the website, right down to reduce risk.

3, this point I want to emphasize the user experience, maybe you only care about traffic, care to your search engine rankings, but the search engine is care about the user, doesn’t care about you, in the modify title not to add keywords and make it less readable, many times a keyword a few simple words to master than the more eye-catching, can add more traffic.





site title change rate can not be too big, small modifications of this is not a problem, such as a site of the title "taobao贵族宝贝 goods supply network _ _ Taobao source -70 source network" I want to add a word to "supply _ taobao贵族宝贝 supply _ supply network _ Taobao supply -70 supply network" so modest, or reduce a word or even modify the word inside the word can be, so modest and theme of the site is still relevant, if drastic changes, even all changes will occur, the search engine does not know you, right down to become positive.

4, modify the title before and after a period of time, we must ensure that I can update some original content every day, just modify the title in order to improve the keywords ranking, every day to keep the site updated search engine can ensure that you are a good website, and not because of a small modified Title K station, drop the right things happen.

don’t know this topic Xiaobian is not very funny? In fact is not the case, said the website is a topic here still a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to say.

many webmaster (especially new Adsense) in building site before the site of rational planning, internal structure, key words, description of the class is changed and changed, especially the new Adsense website title is unlimited to modify ing…… However, you do not know whether to pay attention to the webmaster, site title once modified, keywords ranking drop or not, directly reduce weight, this kind of website is not divided into large or small station station, whether you are new or old station, is true.

so, the search engine is not so humane, the end can not modify the site title, is there a way to modify does not affect the site? Here to see the experience of the Shanghai dragon Er how to modify the site title:

if only to modify the title, but the site has not made any updates, then the search engine spiders will abandon you, because think you don’t have any user, then the ranking fell down the right sort of thing could happen the.

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