The website ranked Shanghai downs dialysis love

because the site is a business class website station form website, bundled with the top-level domain, but also for the web application and structure can change. Therefore, only the website optimization on content construction and the construction of the chain. The station’s ranking has been relatively stable, is in Shanghai in June last year when the adjustment of love is basically not what changes. However, there is a reason for the middle site review was forced to shut down, a long time, there are nearly a month. Although the website during the love of Shanghai are deleted, and later recovered, also included back, ranking basically has no big change. However, in the recent and the reason is because the server provider, the website for a week in the open state. This time, Shanghai is the home of love K, due to the relatively short time, site recovery after second days on the back page snapshot. However, this ranking is not so smooth, continue to fall, continue to shock, the feeling is punished, who let the server is not stable.

since a period of time before the analysis of the hands of a psychological consultation website ranking changes, has recently been wait, also did not change too much. However, since the beginning of the end of 12 years and 13 years of this period of time, the website ranking fluctuation is big love Shanghai, first slowly landing, then dropped to three pages, then directly dropped to 300 or so, two days rose to 50 or so, as if in a swing.

actually, this picture is not what special. Just want to explain, the red box selected keywords, the optimization of the target keywords is not, but the ranking is also really good. Some time ago, like the words marriage emotional counseling also rushed into the home, really surprised people. This station from the beginning to now, these three words have been optimized is the Xi’an psychological counseling, psychological counseling, Xi’an Xi’an youth marriage counseling, and mainly focus on the Xi’an psychological counseling. Now, the Xi’an psychological counseling love Shanghai slipped and fluctuation, it feels like love in Shanghai right down to the keywords, but out of place I also did not do ah.

the situation, did not rush to adjust, there is no large-scale increase in the chain, because these are all too obvious movement would have suspected of cheating. The first is to adjust the display content of Links, the station display links are deleted, then only the Xi’an psychological counseling links, is still in the observation state. The content of this piece, temporarily stop the reproduced copy of the article, as pseudo original, and let the consultant provide some original articles consulting case. Now the number of stations in this paper has been quite much, it is time to enhance the quality of the. For the chain, try to write some high quality soft, such as in the A5 submission, still some news platform to release some soft, but the quantity is less, but more >


first released a picture, for everyone to see.

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