Shanghai dragon reverse thinking search demand coverage

well, we want to do a Beijing Shanghai dragon optimization type of site, but found in the deployment of about the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" keywords, suddenly found such as "Hebei Shanghai dragon" or "such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon" of the word can be ranked than the "Beijing Shanghai dragon"! The Limited energy to do? Of course is to continue on the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" extension word, word, keyword to find the deployment continued to optimize it, and not to think of is not the "Hebei Shanghai dragon", we can get the flow a little cake? Because we do "in Beijing Shanghai dragon" means the content of the website is more likely related to the "Beijing Shanghai dragon"! May we all feel that no matter where the Shanghai Phoenix are a The kind of technology, but do not forget, in which regional word search users are generally want to find the local website directly! Well, if there are some such as Beijing Shanghai dragon circles party activities in the website, is not like these words is not too good not to mention the replacement?, Yong Bao just explain some of the most basic regional Shanghai dragon this kind of website, there are other types of clear


reverse thinking

we all know, in fact of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most basic, the most fundamental or say, is nothing more than to optimize the site keywords ranking! It means to our website products or service, to find the most consistent with the user search words and then optimize it! However, now most of the people are actually more Shanghai dragon just care about the "top"

and put more focus on trouble ranking above, rather than spend more time in a word and to dig them to find suitable landing page. In my summary of a set of Shanghai dragon system inside, said search demand will cover this. According to all these years of experience in various websites, do a good job search requirements coverage than do the ranking to enhance the flow of more easily.

put more focus on digging to find suitable words and their landing page on

so, to sum up for words the optimization rule of Shanghai Longfeng site, we can not only after the initial selection according to the website about website keywords, directly according to the follow-up which word ranking will concentrate on that may be irrelevant to our website word! And ignore the key words of our cause, theme not clear… And such result may deviate from our theme, influence the flow of cash! Because now more and more intelligent search engine, users search more and more colloquial words today, factors flow from to are not directly affect the profitability of the website the most important! In other words, we will give customers and the search engine to provide the most accurate and most valuable and most cashability TDK landing page, and the contents of

 Shanghai dragon …

most of today’s Shanghai dragon person actually is more care about "ranking"

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