The correct use of the anchor point to the shortest possible time to obtain the ranking

on the anchor point of the Internet, but did not feel alone, to detailed analysis, most are all over, actually the anchor text point to enhance the site’s ranking is very important, well, can really enhance the site’s ranking in a break time, I made a station recently Shen Harbin, science and technology, the station is included in 2012-3-5, included less than 3 days in Harbin software development the key to take the first love of Shanghai, now included or 1 pages of the site, that site is not put out, there have been such a ranking, I feel in addition to the website title and write the correct description, and the anchor point is not open, in fact, this station when the chain recently did not do so, I feel that the role of gas anchor point.

third: the anchor points above a ground to have the ALT property, this property is not only the anchor text useful for image capture, is also very helpful, he will tell search engines this is a picture above, increase the friendliness of the search engine. We do others for the alt attribute is not important, sometimes have the property, will make the anchor text more value.

: don’t be the anchor point again all together, can spread out the best, especially the same keywords, absolutely cannot be put together, is easy to let the search engine think we cheat, if two words together, then do a good, or a bold or tilt on the line sometimes, bold and tilt or have very stable will not look good, then we must be through the CSS style control, it’d be much more comfortable.


There are a lot of

first, the anchor point to a ground on the first screen display place, not to say people can see, as long as it is to search engines look, what I mean by this is to let everyone to try to go the anchor point aside, this contributes to the search engine spiders attention.

you see, snapshot or March 5th, after it is included not grab it, the chain map is not intercepted, everyone can see, in the application of science and technology, is really just included. Through the observation of these days, I found that the anchor point does play an important role, so summed up and share with you, hope is to help you.

for everyone to cut a figure, I feel more persuasive.

fourth: the first is the anchor point or a link after the bold bold or tilt problem, this problem I have studied for a while, < strong > < a; href=" #" > Harbin /a > Web < < /strong> a and < href=" #" > < strong > Harbin.

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