Shanghai Longfeng optimization ideas and search engine related base

said those who express such optimization software, many click on some poor ranking sites, once the effect on optimization, make love Shanghai this page to the user or not error of judgment. This practice is usually refers to the same meaning as the donkey horse, Shanghai is still very love fool where there has been for such a judgment, but this model is not perfect.

said here is your personal behavior optimization for some wise remark of an experienced person, is not effective, is the foundation of optimization theory. What we do is the most Chinese information retrieval, love Shanghai certainly everybody cannot do without artificial interference, to the rank of the website is the most I can not stand, as well as the so-called Open platform is the most unbearable, the search engine’s progress, not because of the people involved and get information on the quality of the promotion, with the number of search engines can have more self learning, self code update, this is the necessary trend of development in the future.

interference is more and more human experience, so that it will affect the better effect, every company needs love progress in Shanghai is no exception, Box Computing, phoenix nest, Open and I are on the platform, all is because of the benefit change, technical reach, artificial to interfere. I hope Shanghai can love view their status, although it is Chinese retrieval of the big boss, if there is no innovation, and every quarter in order to fight, did not think technology is in order to profit to fight, I think you have already abandoned users abandon the deep love you several hundred million users.

text processing finished end then is the correlation of the judgment, this is the biggest problem, any information page should be people-oriented, not only can express the meaning extension of the body of the page also has a better reading.

now entered, Chinese search and search English difference is very big, English statement meaning is very easy to distinguish, and Chinese, the same word in different sentences have different meanings.

of different words and sentence search will invoke different models here, hope that we can know, do not follow the same method to do optimization, said so much, if in doubt, contact QQ:819594307 or visit: www.cneduit贵族宝贝 does not love essence to superficial so you can’t change the website.

on any search engine, is to extract the text as the foundation, the most important and not give accurate rankings but on the text, which is the core of information retrieval, so that the pseudo original, and various methods of the article are not ideal, and even to cheat by structure change web page, method, search engine that can reach a certain set of sites, but after all problems, large quantities of the page is K, ranking lost, traffic plummeted.

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