Liu Jinge Shanghai dragon several high voltage webmasters vulnerable

title too much junk

second in the chain too much junk

now many webmaster or company workers in Shanghai Longfeng, old forum, blog or the above message is published, said his website ranking has been stuck in the first few pages do not move. Even doing a lot of efforts to website ranking or no change. In each will be very distressed. I think this may be because you have the high line Shanghai dragon, if this is that a high voltage line, that only depending on the situation, and here I can only give you a few common

In fact,

third the chain too much junk

, for Shanghai Longfeng workers or individual owners are the same, every day in the site of the chain. But we have time to optimize over we do not know, or we know but under the task it will continue to do so. Not calm down and think about what there is a mistake. What is excessive optimization? Cite a simple example: if it is to do the decoration of this piece, we have to do the external links do is the word decoration net, and leave the site also decorate the first wind home. This creates a search engine that you do is to do rankings optimization, and not to let the customer experience better and do optimization. This search engine is put.

said:The first

why do I say this? Because now most of the sites are like this, a title is to own to do a keyword in a row out of death became the title of a web site. According to my saying this title is accumulation of garbage. This is certainly not the only title that will give people a sense of trouble, not make people feel comfortable. As our company website title, that is not particularly appropriate but not so rigid: China decoration decoration decoration materials, decoration industry portal Home Furnishing first net that title although not very good, but at least give people have a sense of a word. Let people read well. The best title of the name is to write a sentence, let people remember and smooth and be able to put the website do include keywords. But the title of the words must not be too much, twenty-seven words or so just remember no more.

why should I say this? Because some web editors, most do not understand what is reasonable in chain optimization. Or is some of the procedures is not too understand the internal link optimization. Or is there some add a home site, so that you feel added in the chain. Or do the program directly in the background automatically generate some keywords, as long as that is the key whether or not or whether several times are added. Do in fact do not have much effect basically, these are really some rubbish in the chain. But the really useful is reasonable with the chain, an article which cannot exceed three links and links must be link to the corresponding page. This will have a certain effect.

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