How to improve the current quality of the chain of

the first point: the weight of the chain. That may make some promotion have a certain sense of doubt. What is the weight of the chain? In fact, if the chain is attached to some of the weight. A simple example, you go to a regular website, released a day information. And to publish news online, the effectiveness of the generated, there is some difference between. The news will quickly collected, and there will be a corresponding degree of concern. So, need to pay attention to the weight of the chain;

network promotion, is a universal way of marketing. The effectiveness can reach, is obviously. According to the official statistics, China number of Internet users gradually increase. Therefore, the effectiveness of issued a message, can be known in a short period of time. News is a way of chain. And included in the consultation. Outside the chain, mainly for the website, play the corresponding effect. The role of the chain, like a horse carriages. The need to constantly gallop, play a certain role in the carriage. If the bound of the horse is excessive, will affect the horse’s force, resulting in the carriage rate will be down. The present situation of the chain, so it is. Search engine, binding points specified, has become gradually increased. Thus, the negative effect of the. Such as the love of Shanghai’s recent algorithm changes, is increasingly rampant |". Introduction of normative foreign chain box continuously, resulting in the number of Web site outside of the chain, reduce hair in. This is similar to the move, will also have a certain joint effect. Such as the abolition of BBS signature, the chain included reducing and so on.

third points: whether the chain information relating to illegal content. This point is highlighted in the medical information, is more. This product has a function of exaggerated phenomenon. A >

second: explain the contents of the chain, is consistent with the theme. Hanging deceptive, is described as a false phenomenon. And in today’s network, false information is everywhere, there is a phenomenon of flying all over the sky. If the Internet continues to lose confidence in the internet. Thus, the Internet led the way down. So, they "moves", to regulate


the other hand, finishing more normative foreign chain. Illustrates its importance, is one of the important points of optimization. Therefore, we need to see is the chain is promising, but not completely of the search engine of the "win". So, we need to continue to optimize the chain, and with modern rules of search engine. In this way, the chain is still will play a corresponding effect. About the prospect of the chain, such as the following three points.

reaction in this series, is the result of site traffic, conversion rate and so on, in the downhill. If the site is in such a state, is losing visitors. The site’s profit will gradually disappear. So, site managers can not give up, need is calm, looking for the way to deal with this situation, to maintain and promote the website to go forward.


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