Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization pay attention to several points

just came out with some new friends in the company, said the original website all products and the all into new products, as a customer will know, the customer said, we will change the chant, changed the customer said to love Shanghai where the description must change the snapshot, the title will increase 400 phone, my mother ah, also changed. After all, I have not received any money. < >

website changed the program. For example: H1/H2/Title/keywords/description to conduct a comprehensive rectification and each page reasonably insert keywords (should not be too much, 1-3 best), each page write specific path can then return to the last page or home page, a page at least 2 parts of the first page of the web site and home page, page adds a hidden Links (many enterprises have not put others. The modified these), immediately added a dynamic array of the dynamic pages all displayed in the form of HTML, and make each page on a page next page. Through the check, the form of the site must be from top to bottom, the layout from left to right in the form of oh.

I downloaded from the

has been in the past few years to do business websites or software design, have not been achieved, we are not afraid of a joke, now have nothing! Well, well, some time ago a customer asked me to help him to do business in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Do a keyword, the old customers and friends. I also did not say how much money you gave him, he asked the word love Shanghai ranked in the first, as we all know, Shanghai dragon is very difficult to guarantee the ranking, I would say that as far as possible the first page. Because the site itself is what I do, so the change is very simple, we look at my steps. On February Shanghai’s first love.

so after 1 months, the site of love Shanghai third, included increased to more than 100, the chain more than 300. About a week also ranked very good, my friend, said very satisfied, but the best is the first, then we do ah, then, finally in half a month back in the first, but also to maintain more than 2 weeks. Because is stable, the nightmare begins.

Links is also very important, I remember when I see his site outside the chain of only 10 years, the site included more than 10 pages, so the difficulty is big, every day I give him time 10 or so the chain and other sites to exchange Links, but not too much. Is 2-3 only, must be formal station Oh, do not suddenly increase too much outside the chain, for fear of retribution. Can not remember too much, nothing more.

then for each column adds the corresponding data and added several article directories, for a period of time, I give him a day to update the 3-5 article, of course I was copied from other website news, but a little bit change. This website is very good for the enterprise, information is very important oh.

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