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, said the beautiful micro-blog, some products in the site in micro-blog share to more customers, improve product visibility and online, "said the beautiful" the brand is also rooted in the consciousness of the user.

social media can create new links through increasing brand awareness and visibility of the overall online, this is the webmaster can find and influence ranking factors of value one, because the link is still the most important standard search engine ranking.

for search engines what is social signal future

‘s goal is to explore the key elements of each of these issues, to help readers develop a basic knowledge of the design, because of their social signals is not only the Shanghai dragon, when online marketing goal really is to increase website traffic, and ultimately revenue.



we are still trying to figure out what social signals in the organic search engine optimization play a big role in ranking. A number of studies have been carried out, the determination of social signals and search engine optimization ranking correlation between the different results, but it is clear that the importance of social signal increases with time raises several questions:

about two years ago, some of the top station Shanghai Longfeng industry in that social signals with rich insight, they can affect the search engine rankings to a certain extent, this article is mainly for those who don’t pay much attention to the social signal industry to provide a scalable method of link building. In the past, social media as a new link building, make your page to be authoritative and more user attention, to a certain extent can help your ranking in the ordinary search results, play a huge role in the organic in Shanghai dragon.

is the answer to this question is still very controversial, but I believe that social signals can direct and indirect effects of organic search ranking, direct impact on the social networking site: from someone you love the brand, you have a group of very large number of followers, improve your brand name in your social content and a link to your website; while the indirect effects from increased import links, improve the online visibility and brand awareness, due to greater customer satisfaction and increased positive comments, jump out rate, to win more customers to access the site, directly affect the relatively simple details of indirect effects are as follows.

ranking factors



signal as a short history of

why social signals and how to improve the

now improve your social signals what measures should be taken to

1, increase import links, improve the online visibility / brand awareness

As shown in figure

why social signals and how to improve the

? in the development of today’s social signals rankings?

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