Deng Kanhao get down the right site too much by the chain

here is the number of the chain map of September 22nd:

summary: whether it is a few months station or railway station are not increase too much the chain in a short period of time, this procedure will cause the search engine of doubt, not you who ah.


believes that the increase of internal links many many people at the site within the bar, before my station is not the number of links, because I was new sites, so difficult to increase the number, time has passed more than five months, I recently began to slowly increase in now, I doubt my itelinks increase is too much, before Xiao Jun’s Guangzhou Shanghai dragon blog is like this, there is a possible optimization transition. I hope the new friends do not.

second: the station optimization should pay attention to

Today let’s talk about the

website right down the most deadly points, because recently many site to drop right, in the friend’s blog I know all that the site to drop right before my hand, several stations have had such a phenomenon, because I have this blog to drop right and I analyzed the cause of. Following the start of a push by the members of the Deng Kanhao talk about the reasons for it:


don’t know you will go to the site to drop right after what to do some things, have to careful analysis, although only a blog, but you have to be careful about, here we take a look at the number of Web site outside of the chain increased.

here is how the chain map of September 23rd:

from the top you can see what my website links about adding so much love, Shanghai link to reverse the increase too much, today I feel strange, and then check the snapshot and information of the website, I found the website snapshot is not normal, the website with DOMAIN command not at first, it represents the right, because before it was in the first, there are more important point. My blog in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon the keyword ranking has declined, there is a push this keyword is the same, there are a lot of words are in decline. If it is outside the chain of ghosts, so we should pay more attention to the chain, in fact, sometimes many webmaster said it was difficult to do outside the chain, I do not know where to go, but I suddenly increase so much, but harm the site. Somehow, we look so much is not normal, not too natural, such a situation we often see, some webmasters through various means to make a site for a large number of external links in a short period of time, but after some people complain that this practice does not make their website to get good rankings, but has previously obtained good keywords ranking began to decline, and even some in the search results page has disappeared without a trace.

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