Master create content has mastered the core of Shanghai Dragon

software, through the acquisition of the evaluation data, creating a large number of pages for these enterprises, a large number of pages included a lot of long tail keywords, and the number of pages indexed by search engines, will naturally get a lot of traffic from search engines, to help SMEs to achieve network marketing.

1, they do not understand;

This kind of But no matter how

search engine algorithm changes, the most fundamental point, the importance of quality content will not be changed, because users use search engines to the most fundamental purpose is to retrieve the content, and the link is the realization of the fundamental purpose of the means, means you can change, but change would have no meaning.

evaluation of 1, the number of pages indexed by search engines, bring a large number of search traffic;

, that is to say, what it needs to Shanghai Longfeng quality content, and the optimization is the content. Dong Jingyi believes that the network marketing, understand this, we will seize the core of Shanghai dragon, it is to create quality content. Even though we all know that the content is very important, but many small and medium sized enterprises are facing the content is often powerless.

so that a process down, so the word-of-mouth marketing software to help the enterprise to solve these problems:

in Shanghai Longfeng after all nothing more than 2 points, one is content, two links. The link from the trend, is gradually decline, due to the rise of the social network, because the spread of spam sites, so the long term, the development trend of search engine ranking algorithm on the link is gradually weakened.

2, these large search visits to the future, see the history of the user’s reputation, and make him feel that this enterprise is reliable, and inquiry.

so many small and medium-sized enterprise website, set up is what appearance, often years later or what it looks like, no update, this nature is not good for Shanghai dragon.

this way, through the Shanghai dragon website to solve the enterprise’s problems, and.

such as reputation bee Shanghai Longfeng marketing management system software, is to seize the essence of Shanghai Longfeng need high quality content, provides a method to create quality content for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is to use the evaluation method of collection, by the majority of Internet users through the method of evaluation of the content you create for your website, so reduce the enterprise in the website content maintenance work on the pressure.

3, none of them do it.

Internet users through the Internet through various channels, reputation evaluation of enterprise, certainly not anyone anywhere else to give you a copy of the evaluation enterprise assessment, so the evaluation contents of nature are original, but the search engine will think that the original content of higher quality, more high ranking.

2, they didn’t have time;

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