Shanghai dragon Combat replace the domain name website weight from 0 to 3 Growth

to replace the domain name before the weight of the website has been hovering between 0 and 1, the general change after two or three months, this situation has experienced one and a half years. Most of the content of the site itself is original, the site does not do business links, no malicious code or attack website has also been very stable. And the site also in a very long time to write original content, website weight always circulated in the 0 and 1. In this context, the author made a decision to replace the domain name.

site contains a normal release experience love Shanghai for 2 months, until April 2nd, to love Shanghai search to the site included content. Website home page included second days in the replacement of the domain name, but after it has been stopped at that time, and the amount included only a few articles. In Shanghai love search results, this article is not only a few content ranking. Although the site index love Shanghai can be seen in the statistics of the amount included in the site from a few to hundreds of thousands of rapid increase, but the actual amount of SITE query tells us that those thousands of love Shanghai index is not through the Shanghai search show love.

site because of their own reasons need to update the domain name, domain name change for website brings a lot of uncertain factors, so when we see the site after two and a half weight love Shanghai back to 3 (data from the home station Webmaster Tools), was also a lot of comfort.

as a dead horse horse medicine. In February 2, 2013, the official opening of the new domain name website, and the website at the same time revision. The domain name change, according to the Shanghai Webmaster Platform in love that made the old site domain to the new domain settings in Webmaster tools, web site on the server of the old domain set up 301.

until today, the Shanghai site from 0 to 3 weight of love, not like before the old domain name that is always 1 or 0 cycles. I don’t think now how much difference with the previous domain name domain name, are 4 COM hybrid rice. I can only guess that before the domain name is out and I love Shanghai, to replace the domain name, it is to avoid this, the weight of the website can be restored.


after the replacement of the domain name included in the site, the chain, the weight, PR and so on, are again calculated for a normal website, this adjustment is tantamount to suicide. But for a passing effort not.

domain name change just after Google updates the PR value, the original PR4 domain directly has now become a new domain name PR0, which also led to a long time after the replacement of the domain name, website Links are not very good to do the exchange. This more than two months, my site is only linked to the 3 Links, of which 2 are new, very Speechless said. Just this time to experience love Shanghai Li Scindapsus algorithm on the line, I also love Shanghai Shanghai dragon seriously comply with rules.

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