Split in love with lack of legal basis for how the world sea search rules

from Google Chinese mainland, love Shanghai occupy more than 80% market share, but also the fall, is frequently mentioned anti-monopoly. Recently, the voice of Shanghai split love actually appeared in the NPC and CPPCC CPPCC proposals. It is reported that the Interactive Encyclopedia CEO after Pan Haidong submitted to the SAIC for love Shanghai antitrust investigation book, said has contacted the two National People’s Congress, to split the bill on the NPC and CPPCC love Shanghai.


therefore, split love Shanghai and antitrust investigation will not change the search world of its inherent flaws, and the Interactive Encyclopedia CEO pan Haidong anti-monopoly investigation for the love of Shanghai, more and more Internet users.

comments to analysts, first in the law no basis. Because there is no relevant legal provisions, love Shanghai in the current situation, should be forced to split. The antitrust laws, cannot fully define the should be how to deal with. The resolution can not solve the fundamental problem, for example, cannot guarantee the results piracy is not the address of the site can not guarantee that no false information fraud in its search results.

but love Shanghai whether the alleged monopoly, whether it should be split, now no one dare to conclusions. But fall in love with the sea has become the focus of controversy, but also demonstrates its incomparable influence. In the Internet era, love Shanghai as the largest Chinese search engine, almost become increasingly dependent on information entrance. There are problems of "love Shanghai" is not only a good manner and the pet phrase, is also a part of the people’s living habits. But at the same time, love Shanghai in the PPC and artificial screen is widely criticized, the formation of a monopoly mechanism of information based on the entrance, but the split love Shanghai can solve these problems?

therefore, search the world, it is important to formulate rules. But still the trouble is, because the search ranking system background is in the hands of love like Shanghai search engine company, and often modify rules. Behind the search engine rules and relationship with a large number of webmaster, because Adsense site, buy space and domain name is the first step; Shanghai Longfeng, do promotion is an essential step, and these steps are inseparable from the familiar love Shanghai rules, how to ensure the rankings included and weight. Based on the Adsense site, the well-known IDC China nets recently launched space domain packages贵族宝贝 domain name + 150M WEB space +2 10G user space enterprise global mail, less webmaster site cost burden.

this "split love Shanghai", has been a professor at Tsinghua University, the famous economist Cai Jiming’s support, he will be a member of the CPPCC National Committee in the national identity of NPC and CPPCC, "split love Shanghai" to make a specific proposal. He pointed out in the proposal, Shanghai love abuse of market dominance, in the interests of the drive to launch the "PPC", manual intervention search results, some small and medium-sized enterprise, webmaster, do not pay that is not normal form of exploitation included Shanghai, love to use their power to search, bundled with other business in other industries unfair.

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