Why web page ranking always Binet page ranking

contains a domain name age weight age and age of the two sites, and can not be confused, they have their own weight. For example, a more than 10 year old domain name for Shanghai dragon, he has a certain weight of domain name. For example, if a website operation 5, 6 years have never changed version, no cheating or being black and other factors, although not to the content of the website, but it runs for a long time and stable, so it has accumulated a certain weight. So many people in the network age old station high, because this is the reason with its own weight.

position weight advantage: development plans in accordance with the website tree, on the front page of the site belongs to the site of the trunk, is the core of the whole tree, where dominated the fate of the site, so the right is more important than other pages high.

age weight

link weight

position weight

I think the weight of

page weight

Many people know that


website home page weight is the highest, when often only change the link for the home page, the inside pages of Links encountered change often tend to sniff at. But recall that the weight of your home page is indeed high, but why did he, what will lead to the first page of the weight is high, this is a lot of people can answer vague, not a good answer. Today is to talk about the website home page weight high ideas and opinions.

site is divided into four types: the weight of age, weight, position weight, page link weight, the following brief introduction of the first four weights.

this is quite understandable, is nothing more than a link within the chain, chain, chain refers everything from external links to the site are known as the chain (including Links), while the chain is in its website linked page.

page weight refers to the love of Shanghai included every page of the website, either the content page or useless pages, it has a certain weight of their own. Whether the quality of the main page weight or the content can solve the needs of users. But the page weight was also refers to the content of the web site, the page weight (common in some traffic sites, specifically to do the article page ranking).

the concept of weight can be blurred, and I watched recently when Shanghai dragon blog has a concept put forward, then after a lot of conjecture, this weight does exist, and can affect the quality of the website ranking. Please refer to the specific site tree structure (the picture is not good, do not mind), it is the simple: home = trunk, branches, column = = content of leaves on branches.


link weight advantage: we change the Links page is > 99%

analysis of the above four kinds of weights, now well explain why the first page of the weight should be relatively high:

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