The website chain harm and disposal

, however, run a website for a long time in the operation of frequent updating, revision and other optimization process are more or less will encounter site death chain, namely web pages open, link failure can not find the link up to 404 pages, etc.. This is a disadvantage for the optimization of our website. It is self-evident for the harm caused by death: the website hard in the rankings, the user through the search engine to find your site but could not open the page, will be very disappointed, then click on a few pages still so annoyed, will think this is a nobody management website, did not have the strength of the site. The second will decrease in the degree of search. The search engine spiders crawling your site found that too much dead over 404 rounds, believe that the big spider engine is also difficult to patronize. The most important is that the weight and ranking of a website is based on the experience of the user and search engine friendly words to score, if things go on like this, the death of excessive treatment is not timely, user experience degree, website search engine friendliness is reduced, ranking is down and will be surprised, this is also a lot of website is slowly reduced right place one of the reasons.

for the website links too much we have to pay attention to it. If this is a new station, to be the engine not many words can choose to manually delete links. But to completely remove the death is difficult, even if you delete your existing links, but the search engines are part of the death is still exist in the database. The snapshot page is still exist in the search engine, unless you are alone in the adjustment to the snapshot chain. As can be imagined, the workload is relatively large. The new line programming problem so we must do before the site links, to prevent the death of.


for the old station, the manual cleaning chain was not possible. We first examined the site, handle the existing links, you can use the XENU software, the death detection to find 404 pages. Then the chain link up the death list, making the way we create Sitemap format, the reader can find Baidu query method, this article is not to tell.

After finishing the

chain and the web server list file is placed in the root directory, for example, at www.***贵族宝贝, will you make the list named silian.xml, uploaded to the root directory of the web site is under the path for www.***贵族宝贝/ silian.xml. Login again love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tools, submit website address and verify the ownership, suggested using the file >

we do Shanghai dragon knows how important the link is for a website optimization, we can imagine every link in the website to vote, the chain, the chain is like the foreign vote, internal links is to give his vote. A website from others to vote more its weight will be higher, but the website ranking is have a direct relationship and weight.

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