The roots of how to identify high quality external links

three, the link position

!The correlation between

many well known, the poisonous spider crawl the page is the principle from the top down, from left to right, that is to say you link to the front on the left, the weight will be higher, this is why people love those who buy links to your site keywords to allow the seller to move.

and related website links, let it give you vote, you get the weight should be very good. Related website is equivalent to the election three good student, the teacher will only take their own class to vote, and not to adopt other classes or other students to vote (they have no authority and related links).

popular website link quality is high, no doubt, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff will not go to the brush flow. We do optimization is the let keyword ranking up, then we give the site to bring traffic, but if you and the popular sites are connected with each other, not only can get the high quality of the chain, and can give your site to a certain discharge, it is one of

above is my judgment method of high quality links, of which there are deficiencies, please.

Speaking of The

, a popular website

keyword is on the site of high weight, much attention that its search engine, indirect site optimization do very well, even if there is a solid foundation of website optimization, keyword ranking all day off, also can quickly recover in a short period of time.

four, outbound links number

unilaterally link is someone else to give you a link, but you don’t give a link. A one-way link is divided into Ming link with the black links, you can see the link is the link, the link is to use black web technology to link hidden from the page directly see, can only see from source code. This link is common in trading links, but the effect is very good.

fifth, unilateral link

Links too much more weight that website its Web site points out, and you get less weight. For example: there are ten links to other websites, each link is a point, and there are twenty other links on the site, so every score is zero five, if your site location in the last words, may not be zero five. In general the number of website links derived no more than thirty can be linked to it.

two site

website optimization will have to initiate external links, the chain plays a crucial role for the optimization, and for the grassroots webmaster friends busy for the chain must choose high quality, so as to achieve the same effect in a reasonable time. Today I own a little experience with the chain, said what the chain is the high quality of the chain.

sixth, keyword ranking website


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