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to advance its matter, must first sharpen his tools. In the website optimization ranking process, grasp the correct understanding of the optimization method, the optimization accurate information you can out of the promotion of misunderstanding, we can solve the website ranking problem fundamentally, do not have the website ranking and tangled, is not to mind taking the trouble to ask. How to really do the website ranking? The first step we need to understand the optimization hierarchy division ranking keyword.

website ranking cycle problem, and the keywords ranking each cycle is particularly valued in Shanghai dragon er. Generally speaking, any one of the words are likely to wait for the search engine home page, and the difference lies in their time period. Keywords because normally we will not be able to blame for the optimization of the search engine is harsh, and the fact is that we do not understand Shanghai dragon in essence. We will see the algorithm change in headache, then according to the algorithm to guess, but there is no theoretical support for speculation, completely rely on mongolia. This website optimization is dangerous for any Shanghai dragon Er, only when we can really grasp the Shanghai dragon was one of the mystery.

well, we have to analyze today is the site keywords ranking system. First, we can clearly recognize, to participate in the search engine ranking is one of the page instead of the site as a whole. Among them, we will do for the entrance of the home site, with its ranking to site keywords. Then the author Dennis said the dominant strategy in page participate in the rankings, but in the identification of grade, we mainly based on data or location in a keyword page ranking number.

technology, popular keywords ranking period of 1~4 weeks, general keywords ranking period of 4~8 weeks, the popular keyword ranking period of 8~12 weeks, of course, this data is for a team of Shanghai dragon optimization. Many small businesses are generally individual Shanghai dragon Er, when you do the popular keyword ranking cycle will be relatively long, but popular keywords it is relatively stable, especially >

Different levels of According to the current situation of

keyword ranking cycle is not the same. Even if the search engine keyword classification pointed out that no clear data, but we will be as popular keywords, keywords: general and popular keywords three grades. According to the different industry standard for keywords are different in different grades, but on the whole or according to the relevant data, index, search for number, search engine home for number to be divided. At the same time, the author Dennis here it should be pointed out that many people think that the bidding group involved in the more, the term heat is bigger, this is wrong. The input-output marginal cost of different industries, the auction is only as a comparison value instead of a conclusion keywords heat. Or we step back and say, for promotion and promotion of Shanghai Longfeng system under the different reference data is not comparable.

Before the author talked about Dennis

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