How much to pay the webmaster for the Shanghai Dragon



we should avoid spider trap, and then to attract spider. How to attract

2, high quality import links. The import link refers to the site of the internal and external link. The internal link anchor text related to the corresponding page. External links, because of love in Shanghai on the chain of garbage strike, and the chain is quality is not the amount, to contribute to the high weight of the corresponding platform, to attract the spider;


I one day is as follows: 7 in the morning to get up, 9 work, 18 work. Home about 19.30, cook, eat, eat dinner in the evening around 21. 21 to 22.30 as the study time, go to A5, the owners of the house, Shanghai dragon WHY, love to see Shanghai Webmaster Platform, to understand the dynamic of the latest Shanghai dragon. 22.30-23.30 Qugao enterprise station article (fortunately, a friend and I do together). 23 to 1 points for the blog add article. About 1.30 to contribute. It means to be around 1 points to the blog things done. 2 wash, bath. Lying in bed sleeping in 1-2 in One Piece. So it will be the 2 o’clock. Go to bed at 7 in the morning! And the beginning of a new day.

I don’t think I have to the point of madness, I am still a normal person, should not be in the inconvenience to write this article. The front is a personal feeling, back to the topic, as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, can not ask for the moon, unless you do black hat. If white words, we need to step by step. First make love in Shanghai included, not included, rankings, traffic, conversion is nonsense.

really feel tired because today, on the road is summarized in a day’s work. It paid so much. Don’t know if you read the novel "master lonely", my favorite inside: "master has piled up with this is lonely. Want to want to be happy, wonderful, no worry, not when the master." I feel like I am now. Want to be happy, want to relax, don’t want to worry free when master. Want to succeed, want to have a lot of money should pay more.

1, do the update of. If the page is updated frequently, spiders will be more access to your page, the emergence of new links on the page, it will naturally be Spider tracking, grasping the new page; (content content should be useful to the user of the original article)

when we want to get more time, this time we must pay much more than. Take me to work with a salary, but also do enterprise stand optimization of private life, also want to put their own blog stand up, also want to learn more knowledge. So I 2 pm to sleep, get up at 7 in the morning. Rest only 5 hours a day.

how to make love to Shanghai included page

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