360VS love Shanghai only do benefit

second, the importance of the site and the site security is self-evident. 360 site safety monitoring site can not only find the problems, but will also reduce the safety monitoring results presented directly to the user, it is dangerous to tell the user site or a secure web site, so the safety of the range of websites in the minds of users to be more vivid, dangerous websites not only affect the search engine included, even shaken the site in the heart of the user position. Site safety monitoring, make a more comprehensive understanding of your situation. There is love Shanghai webmaster tools is the use of third party monitoring tools, and 360 people are using their own monitoring tools.

love Shanghai webmaster tools or other search engines have webmaster tools will no longer say, 360 search on-line Webmaster Platform although the function does not have more features than the love of the ShangHai Railway Station attractions, but practical every function is 360.

search Webmaster Platform on-line, specific to the webmaster to bring what kind of benefits?

we usually do in the optimization of the work, in addition to love is often under Shanghai Google, the optimization work as if Tastes differ all tastes., stagnant, the search engine algorithm multilateral, let many webmaster are sad. So, 360 search out at this time, I think it is very appropriate.

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Relative to the rest of the three functions of

first, love Shanghai love for so many years, Shanghai Sitemap eventually did not appear, and the introduction of sitemap 360 is undoubtedly by the people, so this point to the webmaster is good, let search engine (360 search) more comprehensive grasp the content of the web site, increase site, let the webmaster and search engines have the interaction between spider. The Sitemap submission is also relatively simple, first need to verify the site, with XML files, fill in the file path can be submitted. Pleasant, there are great benefits, there is no reason not to submit the webmaster.


I said so much, not to slander love Shanghai does not change 360, I am just looking for the best interests of owners in between, they serve us, then we have the right to choose. Let us in the war, the takings.

Then the 360

360 search Webmaster Platform is launched in 2013 at the end of January, I love to try new things, just to feel a bit. 360 search webmaster too has five main functions, there are still a lot of benefits to our website, the five major function is: website security monitoring, website speed monitoring, PLNG monitoring and DNS monitoring, and Sitemap submission, this is benefit for our webmaster, the search engine is more like a war.

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