Gourmet website will appear next millet

Why is it difficult to copy millet

? For Internet Co, the main reason why so difficult to replicate a fan economic model is the lack of hardware, lack to landing, also can see tangible items. If so, the high degree of integration of online and online will appear millet in more vertical areas, food web site is no exception.

according to search engine retrieval data show, gourmet website good bean network offline project good beans, kitchen is in May 8th trial operation, than a knife that this project time is 2 days earlier. Such a Internet Co try to combine online and offline projects, one of the most concerned about the knife, not this will bring great breakthrough for bean network development. But think: the continuous integration of online and offline, will appear in more vertical areas similar to "millet" such a company. Good bean network in the fans’ economic attempts, the most direct sense is to accelerate the emergence of gourmet millet, creating a new model for the food industry.

after this, with the line of continuous integration, and delicacy website commercial website may make a landing, delicacy landing attempt more, with soft and hard service service as one of the delicacy website, create a similar sound like millet fans economy, is not difficult. For specific reasons, please see the following view of a knife!

in a knife, want to communicate with everyone, why would that food website will appear next millet before, have to talk to you about why I am so difficult to copy the views of millet.

why is it difficult to replicate millet


drop out of millet strong executive team, millet outsiders discussed the most is now very strong fans economy. In the early days, MIUI millet system is to find 100 mobile phone fancier, together with experience, with improved, so that fans of users into the product development in the way, greatly develop the early millet fancier fan loyalty. Because many of their recommendations can also be recognized millet, they follow millet millet MIUI socialization promotion, but also more active publicity MIUI. By the end of 2013, millet MIUI global users exceeded 30 million, and finally, brother do not mobile phones, but the ecosystem, become a lot of interpretation of millet development slogan.

The early selection of

millet 100 mobile phone fancier, lots of comments have said their importance, but for how many Internet want to copy millet, baby you can find 1000 mobile phone fancier, you may still not copy millet.

a large number of Internet Co, mainly to provide users with the services are soft service line, is not touched, users are willing to condone the fans feedback for your product, and not like the hardware through some real experience on improvement and innovation, the feedback is effective to feedback and hardware products have.

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