New station by GG alone attracted thousands of P

            I have been standing here again diving, and I do not know how long, and I just remember the station witnessed several revisions, and watched it from small to large. To be ashamed, today is the first time to publish an article. Well, talk less and cut the subject. Bad writing, we forgive.

          in the 08 year when the Spring Festival is coming, a Funny SMS initiation the idea of standing; so in January 10, 2008 I apply for a domain name, the domain name ( feel good, at least I think so. Ha ha, so the site began construction. When the "11 day Funny SMS station" the framework of the basic shape; the next is content to add, stay up late one night to add more than 400 articles, most of them are slightly modified (you should know why to do so), many of which are added on 2008 * * sms". The Spring Festival is approaching, and the term "search" will be popular in the short term. Then upload and build the web site. In view of Baidu recently included new sites, need at least a month’s time, I can only insist on updating, waiting for Baidu included (very helpless). Traffic can only rely on GG and other sites, so I made a sitemap submitted to the GG, two days later, GG included, or faster. Now is to promote the work, I have made a few various forums blog articles "2008 Spring Festival Funny SMS" article, the effect is also good every day there are many IP over, but in general it is very inconspicuous. I insist every day to update the site, update the sitemap, hope GG included more pages, I can bring a little more IP, site:**** every day to see the search statistics, finally, hard work pays off, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival in 2008 that "Funny SMS" brought a lot of IP, to February 6th (EVE) reached the peak that is more than 80% of all come from GG, although the master is not what I think is a good site, less than a month’s time; when looking at statistics suddenly have a strange feeling, it appears to be quite a surprise, with the crowd seriously to build a site, do a website rely on their own efforts, really good; the nearly one effort is worth, although IP recently dropped a bit but still relatively stable; before the station is finished to throw in there, Figure is an interest in the flow of IP are not to manage his, and now found that, in fact, look at the growth of IP traffic, do not have a taste. I’ll stick to it and update my website every day. Expect bigger surprises.

The highest PV

2868  (2008-02-06) the highest IP 1126  (2008-02-06) —————————- average P>

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