Grassroots Webmaster just want to write the soft text

See a title "grassroots webmaster on A5

before, why do you want to write soft Wen", suddenly feel should write such a topic, because I was a grassroots webmaster, so I have to write text.

I didn’t know what soft Wen was before, but I know now. The main purpose of soft Wen is to sell your ideas and write some opinions and opinions. In fact, in addition to these aspects, the biggest advantage is that can take your web site with out, so there are many websites when is the way the site took to a propaganda effect.

grassroots webmaster I still not, maybe I should belong to the category of rookie webmaster, no technology, no professional time to do a website, but I put my own name to the grassroots webmaster, said he is a grassroots webmaster has several advantages, first, that I insist, second, to show that I is XuSanDuo the types of people (it is not called the grassroots, called Sha Gen).

grassroots webmaster, you must write soft, not only a webmaster to write, rookie webmaster, master webmaster, everyone to write soft, write their own construction experience, give yourself some reflective memories of the space at the same time, novice webmaster write soft can know how to locate their own website, webmaster can master their own at the same time insufficient found in writing. The same thing has different processing results, and perhaps there is a better solution on the website.

many friends said that I will not write articles, I want to tell you, you will write a diary? You don’t have to actually write soft writing technique of the information, you can on your website experience, the most important is that you can put your website publicity out. Friends, for their own web site, write more, it is very good for yourself.

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