Old webmaster experience a word tired

what is a personal webmaster? A person do stand. This is the personal webmaster,.

personal Adsense is white-collar? Earn personal Adsense called white-collar.


personal Adsense income how? This depends on personal website to do evaluation,.

, I am a webmaster. A person’s webmaster.. today I finally can not stand. I want to vent. I want to tell you how hard personal Adsense. How tired,.


when I just contact the webmaster occupation, he yearned for. Every day sit at home and do not go out to earn money. Not every day to work on the bus. I did not hesitate to resign. Go home. I began to learn to do zero introductory, because previously learned and professional a website is not detached. No way, have quit. Only crustily skin of head do. Who himself made this choice.

started me motivated, almost every day only to sleep less than 5 hours. See the experience of others in stationmaster net above every day. Learning website. After nearly a month of learning. I am going to start my first website. So I bought in stationmaster net domain name and space. To download the DEDE. to start my virgin station building. After all is zero based start, after almost a month’s time. My http://s.www.520zuan.com was built. The middle encountered many problems. Every day I N on the Internet to find the answer. Most want to have a good beginning teacher teach me ah. You can avoid detours. But today think if there are the words of the master. Little more practice, more experience. After all, a lot of things to know the test results of.


website is complete. So every day I find the article to update the website. At first I was a direct reprint of others. But later found online in the popular original, pseudo original. So I joined this industry website editor. Oh. Really regret not learn Chinese primary school. Write an article head all want to break the fast. Don’t write some beautiful sentences. Because of this. I spend every day in the update time at least 3 hours every day. Then the global learning new knowledge on the Internet. After all I know is too little.

I registered the first day of the GGAD.

website has brought me 0.44$. don’t mention how happy I am. Tell all of my friends, I said farewell to my bum. We are also the white-collar. I started to make money. But this passion did not last long. Because I found this website does not bring me enough. The money is not my rent. So I went into trouble.

a website earns 5$a month, so I have the money to pay the rent this month,.

two websites earn 10$a month, so my living expenses have been solved this month,.

three websites earn 15$> a month

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