E commerce in the new mode

with the breakdown of e-commerce market, vertical e-commerce is the inevitable trend of e-commerce. Vertical class B2C e-commerce websites have sprung up, each taking the market share of its own industry.

in this also presents some of the very characteristics of the rookie site, thirsty (kela.cn), good music to buy (okaybuy.com.cn), yi-dian.cn (electricity), they do not do news, do not sell advertising, only focus on selling products. The customer goals of these sites are so clear that they won’t go to the site without buying a product.

so it is no longer clear to heroes, but win in products and services, the "one-stop service" mode is burgeoning. But in this new model, but also to the site put forward higher requirements.


website must provide as many inexpensive products as possible to attract customers. B2C, an industry class industrial product such as the power grid, has more customers who are on the web just to buy the industrial products they want. The power grid is now trying to build an online supermarket for industrial products, where you can’t find it, only you don’t want it. Of course, in addition to the site itself, the supply channels for products, logistics are a great test.

this mode of electricity supplier more and more, on the network easy to push "Youdao" search engine, also hidden "one-stop" service new mode. Therefore, the market under this model is huge, and we must do well in it. There is still a long way to go.

for more information and services, please go to easy grid: http://s.www.yi-dian.cn

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