Golden Wangzhuan do the movie station experience summed up in three points of failure

I as a movie station also has a period of time, I think everyone can not feel every day we see some poor IP heart is what kind of feeling. Why do I say the movie station failure is the failure to promote this? Do the webmaster friends know, when every webmaster started basically is from the movie station to start, then because of the movie station is easy to do, but relatively more users, because most netizens online browsing most of the movie station, so that failure is in the promotion.

since so many people want to see, the market demand is so big, why haven’t we put the sales situation open? I’m here in red Wangzhuan Forum on simple analysis, summed up the following aspects:

the difference between the first and the promotion methods

as we all know, there are many ways to promote it now, but if we play one of them to perfection, our website will be successful. This email is a method commonly used, but the effect is actually sent out after not how good, I have tried one day send hundreds of thousands of less than ten letters of IP, but also waste a lot of electricity, and may I write the soft skills but also have a great relationship.

BBS promotion than mail mass better, at least can increase the chain. Some BBS can’t with links to things, then we have to find a better way to promote the forum, we all know that the forum is more often, we can find some currently popular things. Then go and find some easier starting links. I want to do this, our promotion should be wider and wider,


second, error boot

on PromotionWhat is the most basic

we are going to do? I want to put the station on the line after going to the movies, but also how to promote? Is a single to promote a film or ZhengZhan out? I believe that most people will choose to go to the station to promote it.

in fact, this view is wrong, because now the new movie, hot TV show more than ever before, faster. As long as we seize the one to promote, will be more than the entire station and promotion stronger, more targeted! You can go to Baidu search bar to see me. Of course, you can also choose other famous searches. It will surely be found that the frequency of the current red movies or TV shows is the highest.

third, the optimization of site keywords promotion

a lot of people know the importance of keywords. They should know how much effort they should make on keywords. But often do not know what keywords are better, for example, it is the most popular TV series than the "dwelling", and about it must be very much.

if we want to find something about it, such as >

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