Do station from interest to life also say two

said, "there are years to do websites, maybe from the second year onwards, that is still 02 years, a forum for friends, DV, and engage in" immortal sword ", I went to help get the technology. At that time purely interested, bubble Internet cafes on the website, but also very happy. Later legend downturn, after the merger of several stations, the forum merging technology is better, but the effect is not ideal, it is on or give up between the wandering theme, finally also basically lost.

later contacted a local student forum, the story is quite interesting, the school not to use BBS, then the station is also under pressure, and almost can not get a diploma, had to give up, then some of the core staff forum together come out of space, I still get technology, people is left, but the students have been unable to hook with the school, didn’t do it.

also had two customers, and half to help, and finally merge the data are mixed together.

is a relatively good magic is a single forum, but also to provide a platform for higher, because the traffic is not great, do not think too much. After all, there is work to be busy, and the website is just a matter of maintenance. Also do their favorite subject matter, although not making money, but the cost is very low, a year will be two hundred or three hundred space charges only, but I think I insist on patience, or some spell. The process of doing, learning a lot of things, but also their favorite things, so it is very happy. Because before I had an idea, I didn’t take my hobbies as my career.

now the economic crisis, the company’s effectiveness is not good, and its consumption, it is better to do something you like to do. Recently to do stand as a serious thing to consider, for further development in the original Ji’nan relaxed forum, set up a local SNS dating community, want a good domain name, anmende, US, this is our network, northern dialect, good material, the night that the domain name registration with a friend, to space, upload to uch, the search engine login, 20 days included, also don’t know this fast or slow. But for more than a month, the initial passion is a bit low, after all, with my original idea, if their interests as a profession to do, it is really tired, very tired.

recently in the online also encountered several local do SNS, are new sites, one of which is the company operation, there are more than ten people. Experience, ideas, I think they have what problem, but the key is, in manpower and funds, they are in a weak position, this road is not easy, but since he made the choice, will certainly continue to


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