Such as Sanskrit recommend write a series of Bowen

actually wrote things to find the point, so it is easy to write. Some people write blog is feeling, some people are planning to write a blog, for the brand publicity, customer education.

of course, as online money, we try to write about the blog, such as the Vatican personally think that writing a series of articles, the best effect. The first series of posts have a definite purpose, strong pertinence, is a demand for visitors to write, so that visitors love, such as the Vatican recently wrote all about blogging, soft topics; secondly the content of writing, for a topic can be extended to a lot of points so, we write, don’t need to think a western one; the most important is strongly highlight your "expert" status, so that visitors have great confidence in you, of course it is convenient for you to make money selling products and services.

In fact, such as the

super magic blog Vatican in the 08 year contact Wang Zijie teacher, Wang Zijie teacher’s blog under normal circumstances are updated in the form of serial, each time for a topic and write, which not only provides value to visitors, making the image of expert teacher Wang, the most important in general the last serial teacher Wang Zijie launched services he provided, so many people will buy, because they have been preheated the article.

in the super magic blog at the same time, found a lightning student teacher Wang Zijie like a cornucopia, think he is very diligent and clever, he joined the Wang Zijie teacher training will make money in a very short period of time, and then launched their own blog and locate their products and services, but also be famous in network circles, although it is no longer a cornucopia of lightning to do the work of network training, but feel a lot of things like a cornucopia of lightning is worth learning, especially his ability to plan a series of articles is worth learning.

like a cornucopia of lightning found writing ability is very general, but each written content is very short, of course, the center is clear, it is very easy to read, he is also in serial form to update every time, for a small series of theme of a series of articles and the promotion of a service.

Of course, like a

and not let you also go on his way to promote the products, and to learn from his article way, but also to learn in advance planning serialize article directory, so it is convenient for the use of our own future.

lightning cornucopia is teacher Wang Zijie’s disciples, of course, like Wang, love in the form of serial updated blog. But Wang thought and writing too much, not suitable for ordinary people to learn, and the lightning cornucopia serial form is very easy to learn. His first published content of each article is not much, it is easy to write, like speaking, around a center to write, but the layout is very convenient to read others; secondly every article is an article with a shadow, to pave the way for the next article, people look forward to update > next article

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