How does the URL stand to grab the start page

The first step of

, to practice magic, we must first from the palace. Now hao123265114la has occupied half of the country, and each suit (style) the public! So you have to catch up from behind, the first step is to first practice itself, to create a unique style of his own. To allow Internet users to see your web site, there is a refreshing, completely reborn feeling. Also, another major factor sunflower invincible is fast! Fast! Fast! As long as the two – style fresh and quick access — I’m sure you visit a web site, there will be a large proportion of Internet users will be willing to your web site for home page.

second step, make friends with congenial persons, rush about telling the news around spreading. That is to do promotion. How to promote site? I have a piece of paper in a few days ago, we can refer to: 2009 to promote web site promotion, a lot of work must be done, I’ll word-of-mouth promotion with you this way today to discuss. Previously, like hao123, 5566 and so on are forced to modify the Internet browser start page to start, in this way the effect is really good, but now with the browser’s powerful, YAHOO assistant, the rise of 360, it has been very difficult, and I use this means to reflect the humanistic quality, also do not appreciate. I think word-of-mouth is a very important and powerful way. First of all, give full play to your connections, let your relatives and friends use your website and ask them to help promote

third step: QQ group publicity, BBS post,


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