ndustry outlook explore the industry class website made industry station

every site is developed from childhood, like many portals now, are made from small websites. Grassroots Adsense site, but also hope that their web site, there is bigger and stronger day. If you are doing industry class website, how to make the site industry station,


A5 forum bbs.admin5.com November 5th version topic "Research on the prospect of" industry website, invite a long time marriage network www.99wed.com/ founder Mr. Liang Changhai together to discuss the topic of network industry. This paper focuses on finishing version, hoping to do industry website webmaster help.

asked, "did you ever do a website before you did the wedding? What did you do before you got married?"


: before I became a marriage net, I was a founder of an Internet company in Hefei. Anhui network information industry limited company, is engaged in the enterprise network and the government network. Because the homogenization of competition is too fierce, ha ha, price war is crazy, so I can not see the future, so decided to do the platform.

asked: "excuse me, guest, how long has the marriage network been done? What was the difficulty in promoting it then?"


answer: long marriage network is 05 years in March, started in Shanghai, frankly, early than I really expected to be much more difficult, but also done a lot of low level publicity seems to be the way. Such as DM page, to send the exhibition was also out of the name card…… Ultimately, what I want to achieve is achieved through constant innovation.

: can you tell me something about the development of marriage network? I read your website. Many cities have branches. What’s the website now?

answer: OK, let me just briefly talk about the stage process. Founded in 05, chose Shanghai, because it felt that Shanghai is the forefront of wedding fashion. The initial stage because of Shanghai is not very understanding, so it is difficult to develop, and customer communication, marketing, have no experience, from March 28th to June 1st, opening, no progress, nor a customer. Very anxious, for the industry website, because the customer is content, if there is no customer, we experience bad.

later thought is to enrich the content of free business, March 28th –6 month 1 days, and no one in June 1st; –9 the end of the month, launched a free experience, but need to deposit, in 6; by the end of October to 500 yuan in 20, experience, this is the 05 year of performance. With 05 years, 06 years to do a few very influential innovative activities, a long time began in the business circle out of the roll call, the bride is also more up. Finally concluded that, in any case fudge businesses, only business, business approval, business is very realistic, no business, is nonsense.

asked: "for a long time married nets, what are the current projects, can briefly introduce the marriage network?


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