Baidu promotion account management reduce the promotion cost enhance the promotion effect depth ana


on several days of Baidu promotion work experience, there are quite a lot of friends around, do the soft media release, as a programmer, do the planning, job hopping into a new company, to deal with a Baidu promotion, and found that many of the problems will be assorted, the account will not move, no data analysis, this time you’ll think of me, then give me a call, talk about the specific problems encountered, talk about what they do some things, and finally found that when the transfer account is nothing more than to achieve the following objectives, no promotion effect, the promotion effect is not good enough, promotion cost is too high, then there is No. So today, I’m going to start with these goals and write an article. When they call me, they’ll just read it.

talk about something else:

Detailed introduction

Baidu promotion, here omit 10000 words Baidu official or private notes, but Baidu is a monopoly, monopoly industries and the consequence is that hike, although the effect is awesome, but the cost is also increasing, cast on Shijibaiwan cost 50% or even to 70% are for Baidu consumed, before I go to work when also tried other search engines, Sogou ah, soso ah, Google ah, 360 ah, but the effect is not good, but it is Sogou and soso, the effect may be slightly improved, I do not want to black 360360 said to be the most secure systems for advertising now, in my group, 360 salesman like open BC households, households and medical, rebate back 360 giant high, you say it is not the same as the bottom line, went to the boss’s footsteps, I How clean is 360?. Well, let’s not talk about the topic here.

familiar with account phase:

just got into the company, Baidu promotion account, the first thing to do is to, and before the management accounts of people talk about, whether it is Baidu’s customer service or arrange arrangements for the company staff, the former for understanding the current account must be greater than just took over, so we have to do is touch. The knee to talk, your account current situation to know about, is satisfied with the status quo, or to achieve a breakthrough, there is no effect, or the effect is significant, what plans, those units, what keywords, which regions is a minefield is not insurable, which is not the creative risk, must first make clear. Familiar with the account structure, can be more confident when adjusting the account, it can be said that the new account is over the account management is much simpler, as if it is natural to pick up and just don’t feel the same.

After familiar with the

account, you need to check the relationship between search terms report and not words, look for what keyword matching, which has no word, then one by one to do a record, this is in order to account after debugging and lay a solid foundation, the enemy can easily, and the ultimate goal is to promote the adjustment of accounts effect of reducing >

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