Do you need your own house on exclusive servers

has my life been doomed? That’s a good question. If we know the answer in life, then we don’t have to spend too much time worrying about what to do, but let it go and never turn back. Life, there’s no guide, we seem to be improvising. There is no regret, it is up to you.

but fortunately, this article is not to discuss your lifestyle, but want to answer, is a more straightforward question: whether you need or simply wanted to have their own dedicated server. Imagine it. (before the website has been swept through the web like a storm cloud), you have created a website of your own – half for entertainment and half for trying to make some money. However, miracles continue to occur, and as website access continues to rise, you receive more and more product inquiries. As business grows, you quit your current job and devote yourself wholeheartedly to your booming Internet business.

soon, you began to realize that the network hosting service package you signed has not been able to meet your current needs. In fact, you’re hungry for bigger, bigger space, memory and bandwidth. It’s time to look at different types of host solutions, and especially to decide if you really don’t need one of your own proprietary servers,

we think that only when you have a certain understanding of various hosts can you make the right choice. So, first of all, let’s take a look at the various hosts that you can choose from. Before you buy your own house, as a try, you and your spouse may move into a home or a flat, then plan your life further. And the choice of network host package, or better than the house. Just changing servers is a lot easier, so let’s get down to it,


non virtual hosting means renting or renting other people’s server space. As the name suggests, it is not even virtual, and it does not guarantee its reliability, legitimacy and commitment and service it gives. But this might be a good way to meet your current needs (we can compare it to a cheap room behind the house).

now has many sites offering cheap or even free space, and they allow you to put your web site into subdirectories in their domain. The biggest advantage is its price. For the experimental network, it is a good choice to build a small personal network or entertainment network, and a non virtual host.

but for a formal company, it is better to establish a more professional corporate image on the Internet through the virtual host and its own domain name. Two years to pay only $70 to get their own domain name, which is definitely worth investing. You and your customers can also avoid a series of ads, popups or other annoying disturbances caused by free or cheap hosts.


virtual host is like in a synthesis

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