Talking about how to keep the station in the operation of the novice webmaster

what is a station?

keep standing copycat is a concept that if ready to operate a website, need to prepare: 1. website in advance on-line, update timing quantitative content website 2., 3. in a certain period of time, so that the domain name of the website by the new domain name into a certain time the old domain name, 4. base to improve the weights of the website, should first let PR changed from 0 is a natural number other than 0, making the site in the formal operation when not in what is seen as a new station.

Why does

need a station?

is a station, you can get a certain amount of Baidu included, so as to improve the weight of Baidu, and even PR will not be 0. In the formal operation of the website, you can do links when exchange, access to higher weight links, such search engine optimization is more conducive to enhance the site’s ranking, plays a very big role.

two is for search engines, whether it is Baidu or Google, will give the old domain name than new domain name higher weight, equivalent to say old domain name keywords ranking easier in front.

since the site has been included in the search engine has a certain amount, then, after the official start of operation, the site will be updated new content retrieved, resulting in a good ranking.

three is a station in the process, should be adjusted in time SEO optimization related promotion strategy, the following are given corresponding examples, such as:

pays attention to the rationality of the article setting. If it is not reasonable, proper modification should be made.

related description and key settings, the basic structure, the site’s internal errors can be modified in a timely manner. Of course, changes should not be too frequent.

four is a security problem in Web sites, whether to fight against peers or competitors, malicious attacks, security vulnerabilities, these should be considered, if the website has just started a cumulative weight station, then not too vulnerable to malicious attacks and search engine punishment.

How does

keep a station?

you know, if you can find and do what content fit the old domain, will be more conducive to the construction of the railway station, but this is often the need to spend money to buy, but not so easy to find. A station is take time, at the same time, is the need to have the mentality of a rainy day to consider the next few months or even longer what you need to do what kind of website is a website in the end, if you want to build a multi income website, then a process of these things is necessary.

in fact, the process of keeping a station is very simple, at least 3 months ahead of the site construction, a certain amount of web content, the appropriate release of the chain, so that search engines included in the site.

spends time every day updating the content of the site, or updating it every week, and also putting in the chain as much of the time as possible in 2 hours

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