Taobao shopkeeper 6 fatal sales mistakes and Solutions

recently for many enterprises to provide marketing and planning consulting and services, found that many Taobao shopkeepers and small and medium-sized business owners have amazing, consistent several serious problems. That is:

1 a few years ago, product sales have been at the top of the list or more impressive, although the credibility is high, the product quality has not changed, but the last one to two years suddenly sales do not improve or even decline, they can not find any reason.

2, to promote their own Taobao mall, and can not afford the huge advertising costs or Taobao not only in the promotion of Taobao, and dare to try other ways of promotion, sales have been swaying, a feeling of weather.

3, the product homogeneity serious, some businesses are very low prices but the quality of the products is Lang bad, causing users of similar products if the natural decline in sales chilling shiver.

4, shopkeepers are mostly from traditional industries. They don’t know much about e-commerce. They are limited to selling products at Taobao, relying too much on Taobao, and it is difficult to develop new sales channels.

5, in order to save costs, blindly follow the promotion of the next three ways, such as: add strange friends into mass advertising, add strange friends when advertising, hanging Trojan, mass spam. But the effect is very bad.

6, want to promote products or increase sales, spent a lot of money wasted, but no improvement and improvement.

himself is not a dedicated Taobao promotion service provider, nor is it a master of Taobao planning. Only with ten years of brand operation experience and 7 years of e-commerce operation experience, so in the light of the above situation, we summarize the reasons and solutions.

a few years ago, Taobao’s owner is relatively small, we have high degree of acceptance of the credibility of the product overlap is low, so relatively good selling goods. Now Taobao as an example of domestic C2C plus B2C mall transformation, and has great influence and power in the China shoe e-commerce, and Taobao has more than 100 million users to buy. Because China really has the ability to buy, know how to buy online users, but also at most 100 million people.

, but its businesses are known to have millions, similar products, homogenization, competition is quite serious. Moreover, the source of the owner of Taobao complex, there are manufacturers, dealers, agents, and even fakes. Therefore, the price of the product quality is often multifarious, so that users often do not dare to buy too expensive goods. In such a complex situation, relying solely on the old customers and their Taobao products on the title of the effort, naturally impossible to achieve the owner’s expected sales revenue.

and a large number of vertical, fashion mall, B2C group purchase website broke out, have a huge attraction to the online shopping users, as well as the large profits early B2C mall at Xueben, free shipping and other means, individual businesses are not Taobao’s ability to fight.


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