My understanding of SNS

SNS is actually a social relationship between people, which is clearly different from BBS and BLOG.

if BBS is equivalent to a topic as the center of the square, BLOG is equivalent to a person’s living room, the success of the SNS is actually a small society, this society can accommodate many things, including BBS and BLOG.

SNS is a very valuable and even the most valuable network model so far, much more valuable than the gateway. China Mobile and QQ are actually SNS, because we can’t easily throw away our cell phone numbers and QQ, because that’s how we stay friends. To put it bluntly, China Mobile and QQ make money mainly in relationships.

Now if

do SNS, must, don’t expect to like China Mobile, QQ money, this almost impossible to first do a good job of a group, to meet a demand is very good, the other, long-term.

I in the whole network estimation accelerated SNS, and within a year, almost all of the predators, including China Mobile, QQ, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, several online games, several client will be SNS, and growth in the school 51 happy competition between the formation of strong, in addition to everyone the establishment of SNS UCH.

I don’t know who wins or loses. It’s unpredictable. It can only be said that SNS will become the standard configuration on the network. In the future, big and full and small and dedicated SNS, certainly have their own living space.

grassroots entrepreneurs, if you want to do SNS and can do it, I think the main point is to look at the following:

1, whether you aim at a niche market, seize a niche population, and provide services that are unique and large platforms do not provide.

2, learn from Kaixin, and grab users with new applications.

3, to solve the current SNS is difficult to gather popularity issues, users enter the threshold should not be too high, too difficult, should be easy before difficult.

4, don’t go after too many trends, this sentence and second points may be some contradictions, because now SNS too much change and application, if you rush to meet too much, accidentally will lose yourself.

5, the first 5000 users are the most important.

SNS the most important thing is to increase the viscosity of the user, but want to do this for a long time is very difficult, and what’s more, I found that different SNS, in the initial stage, the method of increasing viscosity is very different.

this only shows that SNS as a small society, there is an important success, the premise is that each small society growth is specific, not universal. For example, on campus, 51, happy, these three SNS, its earliest user experience is very different

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