YY music tells you how to use vanity to make users pay for it


YY.com yesterday, the parent company of togetherness era formally to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted the listing prospectus in the United States, according to the listing documents show more choice for the NASDAQ listed transaction code for " YY", financing amount is not disclosed. However, in the prospectus in the most surprising is the YY in the music business income, the first half of 2012, YY music business income up to 92 million 720 thousand yuan, accounting for YY of total income of 30%, while the industry has been considered the main source of income for YY should be online advertising network play its service (online advertising revenue 30 million 960 thousand yuan, only 15% of total revenue).

YY music, launched in March 2011, is a music channel for YY chat tools, mainly for live music shows, like an online KTV box. The show is going to be able to interact with the audience in Cara, OK, singing, competition, or video, and YY offers rich virtual items that users can buy and give to favorite performers.

YY music is on the virtual goods revenue, these virtual goods price from 1Y dollars to more than 10 Y coins, but also provide a variety of different levels of the "noble" service for the user, you can enjoy a variety of privileges in the room, the highest price is the "King" service, the monthly 120 thousand Y coins (a Y coin in exchange for 1 yuan), while the lowest "Baron" services need monthly 200Y coins.

The price of

sounds incredible, but that doesn’t stop the players from getting hot.

A friend of

is a small series of fun YY music, he said to me, YY music is a money pit, you spend large sums of money for just some fancy titles and no sense of honor, YY pocketed the user’s vanity.

Is in the YY

and his former girlfriend, his girlfriend is a channel YY in music singer, he is very love her singing, bought a lot of expensive gifts to give her hope to win her attention. But when her girlfriend was popular on the channel, he was just one of many admirers. In order to get her heart, he spent a lot of money on her, every moon to buy gifts will have to spend more than 2000 yuan. In order to help her quick upgrade, every month have to spend more than 2000 dollars to buy a ticket for him (singers get 1 monthly ticket for 1000 of the value of experience, a monthly ticket price is 25Y dollars, equivalent to 2.5 yuan, Taobao might be cheaper).

singer upgrade can bring more privileges to singers, such as their album can pass more photos, they can put your name card to do more Hyun Mai is more beautiful, the female singer who is attracting more audience and front means. The higher the level, the singer’s >

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