By lust and caution Tang Wei influence three spell domain name sell sky high price

Tang Wei with "sejie" is a hit, and became a popular figure and wear in known to every family, "sejie" in Tang Wei’s 6.1 Cara dove egg pink diamond ring has become fashionable people admire things, in January this year, with the registration of the relevant domain name, and the net selling 1 million yuan. Even when people feel it’s sky high, someone has bought and built websites related to diamonds and jewelry.

said the reporter received revelations, just deal a "pinyin" domain name, although domain name transaction It is often seen., and expensive, but this is a "three pieces" domain name, domain name and special transaction price and is not inferior to the "double" domain in terms of price. Linked to the domain name buyers of Mr. Zhang, he said bluntly, this is the fifth media to interview him, probably because of his name and popular Tang Wei "sejie" related! And his domain name ( < dove > eggs; "Wang Jiazhi" (Tang Wei ornaments) favorite objects. Presumably many fashion people desire, it is a symbol of nobility, is the pride of celebrity


in the jewelry industry, "dove is the best symbol of egg", since "sejie" after the fire, the word "dove egg" has been more popular in the jewelry industry, when Mr. Zhang engaged in jewelry business aware of the problem, to register the domain name, the domain name of Ji’nan was a lover of cybersquatting, what is regret, thanks to the domain name enthusiasts in Ji’nan is registered, but not do mean, immediately contact the parties, and soon the two men on a good price, although not imagine 1 million domain lovers so expensive, but the price is expensive! But for Mr. Zhang to do the domain name industry, the price is acceptable, after all, have his supreme domain name, "baldicoot moon walk" – dove with egg "sejie" Tang Wei benefitsbsth! Will go on in the world! < / P>

has a "dove egg" later, Mr. Zhang immediately dataichangxi, building, diamond jewelry, web sites, although simple, but later work will gradually catch up, let Dove "egg" really become jewelry industry peak, symbol of authority.

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