nternet marketing blogs and part time jobs

, Wang Yingxiong’s blog is very popular with part-time jobs.

two, part-time online marketing, fell in love with blogs like Wang Yingxiong.

three, Wang hero’s blog is easily surrounded by part-time jobs.

but in the group discussion, teacher Xiang Ligang said that the Internet marketing organizations have included "hot list" in the "blacklist", they are all mass and group visits, and it has nothing to do with the part-time staff themselves.

Peng Hangyang thinks about network marketing, part-time staff early practice, but not solve the issue of integrity, the guests will be afraid of being cheated blackmail and impose exactions on female college students, this problem, Ma should consider establishing the third party credit platform.

all walks of life began to pay attention to network marketing, network marketing personnel scarce, obvious to all. 20 years ago, can not write, illiterate; 10 years ago, not typing illiterate; 5 years ago, will not be illiterate Internet; today will not network marketing, you have to worry about becoming illiterate, and even part-time will be!


as for the network marketing process, you can make a simple analysis according to Wang Yingxiong’s example:

1 has information that makes readers feel valuable.

two, to find readers, that is, through the network media.

three, the collection of these media groups, mass media.

The second step in

is the database problem.

one, Peng Hangyang believes that in order to solve the problem of integrity, we should establish a national part-time information database, to strengthen interaction, benefit sharing, user-friendly needs, to achieve accurate marketing.

two, Zhang Weisheng believes that, in fact, through the blog is only a temptation, and eventually into other links.

three, fire phoenix think, that is, online intermediary into online direct marketing.

four, Hou Qianyu believes that online direct marketing will also translate into offline sales.

seems to have changed the media, more and more people pay attention to network marketing, the national Ministry of education is also should pay attention to, to set up a network marketing institute, the systematic training of network marketing, let the female students soon overcome illiteracy period, it is not used by the network marketing company.

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